Special Session Proposals

How to Organise A Special Session at #SOAC2019

  1. Write-up a call for participants/abstracts for a special session, outlining the title of your special session, brief context as to the rationale and focus of the special session, plus a list of the broad topics/issues that you (and your co-convenors) are interested in receiving abstracts on – 1 page maximum!
  2. Provide name(s) and contact details of convenor(s) of special session so anyone interested in taking part can contact you with any questions etc;
  3. Indicate what stream within the SOAC conference your special session is to be a part of so that contributors can select this in the submission portal when they upload their abstract;
  4. Indicate what type of session you are proposing to hold – e.g. academic session (full peer-reviewed papers – max 4 papers per session), policymaker session (presentations only – max 4 participants), panel discussion session (academic and/or policymakers – max 4-6 participants), author meets critics session (author, plus up to 4 critics) – so that you get the ‘right’ abstracts/presenters in your session.
  5. Send your proposed special session call for abstracts out to:
  • targeted individuals; or, if you have an open call for abstracts, send it out to your networks (e.g. replan, IAG-list, policy colleagues etc) to inform people about your special session; and
  • the Co-chairs of SOAC2019 (Diana MacCallum, Maccallum@curtin.edu.au and Paul Maginn, paul.maginn@uwa.edu.au) so that the special session call for abstracts can be posted on the SOAC website;
  1. Ask prospective contributors to send you their abstracts for initial review to ensure that they fit with the focus/aims of the special session and they conform to the formatting requirements of the conference;
  2. Decide on abstract submissions to your sessions
    1. If accept, advise contributors to submit abstract via the SOAC abstract portal;
    2. If modify, suggest revisions you would like to see, review resubmission and if all good advise contributor to submit via SOAC portal; and
    3. If unsuitable, advise contributor(s) they submit as a standalone abstract or try another special session that you are aware of.
  1. Advise the relevant track Co-chairs of SOAC 2019 of the details of your special session(s) – format, contributors, abstracts etc.

Key Dates and Deadlines

8 March            Peer Reviewed Call for Abstracts Close
31 March          Extended Paper Abstracts Close

Special Sessions

Short Term Rentals in Australia

Convenors: Dr Thomas Sigler and Prof Jonathan Corcoran

Improving Our Understanding of Clean, Healthy Urban Environments

Convenors: Dr Bryan Boruff, Dr Joe Hurley

Cities, Climate Change and Social Justice

Convenors: Wendy Steele and Tricia Austin

The State of Australian/New Zealand Suburbs: Past, Present and Future

Convenors: Dr Paul J Maginn, Prof Nick Phelps

Situating ethics, justice and equity in transport planning

Convenors: Dr Ian Woodcock

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Opens:
Now open

Abstract Submission Fully Peer-Reviewed Abstract Closes:
8 March 2019

Abstract Submission Extended Abstract and Presentation Closes:
31 March 2019

PhD/ECR Symposium:
30 Nov – 2 Dec

SOAC Conference:
3 – 5 December

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