Australasian Cities Research Network / Australasian Early Career Urban Research Network SOAC Emerging Scholars Initiative (2019)


The Australasian Cities Research Network (ACRN) and the Australasian Early Career Urban Research Network (AECURN) is pleased to announce that we will be sponsoring the registration fees (up to $450) for up to 10 ‘Emerging Scholars’ to attend the 2019 State of Australian Cities (SOAC) conference in Perth this year.

These scholarships are designed to assist PhD students and early career researchers (ECRs), especially those on short-term teaching and/or research contracts, who are unable to source conference funding support as part of their candidature and/or employment contract.

The ACRN-AECURN scholarships are open to any emerging scholars based at an Australian or New Zealand university who have an abstract accepted for presentation at SOAC 2019. The scholarships will be awarded based on the following criteria:

(i) quality of SOAC abstract;

(ii) evidence that the applicant would not otherwise receive funding to attend the conference;

(iii) geographical diversity of applicants

The abstracts will be judged by a panel of senior researchers and early career researchers to assess quality of research contribution. Applicants will be asked to write a short justification and obtain a letter of recommendation from a supervisor to attest to the fact that they wouldn’t otherwise receive financial support for conference registration.

Funding for these scholarships are thanks to generous funding from the Australasian Cities Research Network.


Emerging Scholar Benefits: Ten emerging scholars will receive:

  1. Early bird registration costs ($450)
  2. Recognition within the SOAC conference proceedings as a recipient of the ACRN-AECURN SOAC 2019 Emerging Scholars Initiative
  3. Support to submit a summary of their paper to a media outlet like The Conversation or Pursuit and promotion of their article through AECURN.

Application Requirements: Applicants must submit the following:

  1. The abstract you have submitted to SOAC

a) The applicant MUST be the first author

b) We will accept short abstracts or extended abstracts (as per the two submission options available for SOAC abstracts)

  1. A brief individual statement of up to 300 words explaining why you would benefit from the ACRN-AECURN Scholarship. Please also include your contact details and your university affiliation.
  2. A signed ‘letter of recommendation’ discussing your promise as an emerging scholar and attesting to your lack of access to alternate funding options.

a) For PhD candidates this letter should be from your thesis supervisor

b) For ECRs, this letter should be from a direct supervisor or Head of Department. A previous supervisor may also be used for any ECRs that are not currently employed in academia.

  1. For Early Career Academics: evidence of the date of your thesis conferral.

To submit: Email with the above items included in a single .pdf document in the order stated. Name the file with your family name. Multiple files cannot be accepted.

Abstract Review Committee 2019:

Professor Jago Dodson (RMIT)
Professor Emma Baker (University of Adelaide)
Associate Professor Paul Maginn (University of Western Australia)
Dr Jasmine Palmer (AECURN National Co-Chair) Elizabeth Adamczyk (University of Newcastle, AECURN National Co-Chair)


Applications Due 5pm June 30th.
Applicants notified July 19th.
Early Bird conference registrations close August 31st.

Key Dates

Abstract Submission Opens:
Now open

Abstract Submission Fully Peer-Reviewed Abstract Closes:
8 March 2019

Abstract Submission Extended Abstract and Presentation Closes:
31 March 2019

PhD/ECR Symposium:
30 Nov – 2 Dec

SOAC Conference:
3 – 5 December

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